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Block that Melanin for Fair and Glowing Skin!

CSB Collawite's formula is developed from Korea and is specially designed with anti oxidants and skin whitening effect With advanced optimisation of low temperature extraction and sterilization method to extract the whitening ingredients - the Rose Petal Extract known as one of the best natural whitening ingredients, it retains the natural ingredient. Also, elevates the absorption rate in the body.

CSB Collawite works effectively to improve your skin condition, allows you to get glowing, smooth and beautiful skin and even prevent it from reproducing when you are exposed under the scorching sun. Consuming CSB Collawite over a long period of time can help to inhibit the production of melanin, prevent it from producing even if you expose yourself under the scorching sun.


Japan Patented First-Class Ingredient ~ Rose Petal Extract~
1 kg of Rose petal extract is produced from around 220,00 pieces of precious rose petals, precio us miracle ingredient. Rose petal extract is rich in vitamin C, about 70 times more than green tea extract. It helps to beautify and brighten the skin, as well as preventing colds and flu.

It also contains vitamins E and K. What makes this product even special is that it consists of flavonoids (vitamin P), which is extremely beneficial in inhibiting the formation of radicals and melanin while achieving a whitening effect.

Skin Tightening & Moistening Effect

Whiten & Lighten Spots

Anti-oxidant Effect

Refreshing & Fragrant

Exquisite Glamour

Rose Petal Extract

Improve your skin condition, allows you to get glowing, smooth and beautiful skin.

Other Ingredients

Peach Juice Powder

LapiTM (Fish Collagen Peptide)

Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)

L - cysteine

Vitamin B Complex

Vitamin E

Benefits of CSB Collawite

Contribute to health, smooth & firm skin complexion

Promote beauty from within

Slows down skin aging process

Improve wound healing, reduce dark spot and scars

Skin brightening & whitenining effect

Lighten skin one

Keep skin translucent, white and fair

Protects skin from oxidative damage Improve digestive health

How to Use

Cut the sachets

Mix 1 sachet in a glass of 150-200ml of water

Drink the mixture

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